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Moneybookers (Skrill): Credit card withdrawal limits exceeded

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If you ever tried to withdraw your money from a Moneybookers (Skrill) account, and were stopped by the queer persistent warning like "Credit card withdrawal limits exceeded. Please try again next week", and the "next week" never came... I've got the working solution for you!

In the past (approx. a year ago) I had used Moneybookers a couple of times to collect money from different systems and send them into my pocket. It was pretty fast and inexpensive: the fixed fee ~2.5 USD per transfer to a Visa card.

Unfortunately my Visa Electron expired by the end of the last year, and the system dropped it: not a big deal - I've got another card (a free anonymous debit Visa Electron), and added it to my account. As you know the card verification implies charging a small amount (up to ~3 USD), which is transfered to you Moneybookers (Skrill) account. I hope you've already passed this step, and have your card listed in the system.

Now you are ready to withdraw some money (and go shopping), but the system blocks this attempt with the warning "Credit card withdrawal limits exceeded" leaving you with the only option to transfer funds to a bank account (which may cost you more, and usually reqire certain juggling with the official papers). I guess, by patiently waiting you may finally encounter the lucky hour of the unlimited cards transactions (everything is possible!), but two weeks were enough for me to start looking for the solution.

And I found the undocumented and pretty legal trick (in the Russian forum) which made my day! The only action you will have to do is to deposit small amount from your card specifying GAMING purposes for this transaction. I uploaded 10 USD (the operation costed me 19 cents - Moneybookers (Skrill) adds 1.9% fee on top of every deposit from a credit card), and almost immediately got my card enabled for withdrawing purposes! That was amazing!

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Neru комментирует...

Нормальная платежная система при условии первоначальной грамотной проверки личности и увеличения лимитов на транзации до уровня достаточного для конкретного пользования.

AntonK комментирует...

Я, признаться, за Skrill'ом уже не слежу, т.к. потребности в их услугах отпали.
На виртуальных просторах попадались жалобы, что, мол, выборочно переводят пользователей на бизнес-тарифы (по которым комиссии повыше) без шансов на обжалование.

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